Five Simple Choices (complete hard copy program - spiral bound - hand signed by author - free shipping)

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The 5SC program is spiral bound (so it will lay flat), 6” x 9” - 212 pages. It is published in very heavy, high quality stock for durability. This is the complete Five Simple Choices program, there is nothing else to buy. Each "hard copy" sold through this website is hand signed by the author.

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What exactly is “Self-Leadership?” How do some people get the best from themselves while other people seem to waste their potential without really even knowing why?


The Five Simple Choices illustrate the fundamental differences, in mind set and in action, between people who are sad, frustrated, struggling and impoverished and people who are happy, productive, creative and affluent. There are beliefs and behaviors that lead to success and beliefs and behaviors that lead to failure. The Five Simple Choices program distills these beliefs and behaviors into five fundamental life decisions.

This program will not merely "tell you about" the Five Simple Choices. It will show you how to make those choices in a way that changes everything.

You have always known you “can.” That has never really been in question, has it? But today things change. Now you “will.”

Order the Five Simple Choices Program in Self-Leadership today.

When you lead yourself - everything else follows!


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