Five Simple Choices LIVE in Couer 'd Alene

It was my honor and privilege to bring Five Simple Choices LIVE to members of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary at their annual conference at the beautiful Coeur ‘d Alene Resort.

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Gregory Vance Vaught said on October 08, 2014:

On behalf of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary I’d like to thank you for a great and inspirational presentation! You have a gift and I’m glad to see people like you sharing that gift. A Welshman once told me, “Kipling had a gift; he could instantly get a feel for his surroundings and put it into poetry.” But what inspires me most about him is how he continued all his life to share that gift with the world. Even after his son was killed in WWI and he grappled with the biggest tragedy of his life he successfully lived up to the highest standards, standards he put best in his own words, written for his son, the poem IF. Keep up the good work! v/r Vance

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