Listen to 5SC Radio: "Trust - what an Odd Idea"

 In this episode, Gower expands on the Ownership choice by discussing the difference between Trust and Alignment. We examine how to lead people to do what you want them to do – because THEY want to do it.  This episode is based in part on a reader's question: "How do you take "Ownership" of a situation when you need the cooperation of others."

Note:  Five Choices Radio episodes are not taken directly from the course.  They are expanded commentary on the basic principals taught in the Five Simple Choices program.  Episodes are often based on learner feedback.  If you have feed back on one of the Five Simple Choices - please share it in the form below.  It may become the basis for a future issue of Five Simple Choices Radio. 


Will C. said on March 08, 2014:

I started to be mad at this. About half way through I got it. I can’t wait to try this


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