Self-Leadership: The art of influencing you

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What exactly is “Self-Leadership?” How do some people get the best from themselves while other people waste their potential, without really even knowing why? Watch the video introduction to the "Five Simple Choices" program in Self Leadership now. It might be the most important 2 1/2 minutes of your day.

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USGC AUX Event in Couer 'd Alene

It was my honor and privilege to bring Five Simple Choices LIVE to members of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary at their annual conference at the beautiful Coeur ‘d Alene Resort. To learn more about bringing Five Simple Choices LIVE to your next meeting or event - email:

Open thread for feedback on the "Five Simple Choices"

This is an open thread for comments, feedback and questions. Readers are encouraged to share their experiences.  Visitors to the website are encouraged to ask questions. You can suggest topics for future Five Choices Radio episodes. Almost anything goes in this thread. The posts will, however, be...

The Ultimate Goal Setting Exercise

As a supplement to the Certainty choice – Five Simple Choices has created the Ultimate Goal Setting exercise. It is available as a no cost PDF download. Just click the word “Download” and then print the exercise (it is best completed by hand). You will complete this exercise with a far clearer un...